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강남스타일 Gang Nam Style: PSY : Oppa is Gang Nam style: The word 'oppa' originally means an 'older borther' called by sisters, but it is also used as slang to mean a 'male lover'.


그집앞 (Goo Jib Ap) In Front of The House: Lee Jae Sung: Anyway, that's the memory that I have to erase, but I can't.


California Dreaming: The Mamas and The Papas: In the movie 重慶森林 (Chungking Express), this song is played more than five times.

남자의 인생 A Man's Life: Lee Tae Hwan: Original song by Na Hoon Ah

네박자 Four Beats: Song Dae Kwan

니가 왜 거기서 나와 Why are you coming out of there?: Young Tak: Why are you coming out of a night club with a church oppa? Didn't you say to me that you were tired and would sleep at home?

  大田부루-스 Dae Jeon Blues: Ahn Jung Ae: Included in the 1956 New Century Record. Since then, it has been loved and sung by many singers in Korea and Japan

大田ブルース: 水森かおり: Original Song by Ahn Jung Ae: The train departing at 0:50 is ruthlessly separating the two lovers.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Ennio Morricone

돌아와요 부산항에 Please come back to Busan Port: Cho Yong Pil

돌아와요 부산항에 Please come back to Busan Port: Drum Performance: Drummer 羅小白 (S.white): Taiwanese drummer and singer. She is known to frequently perform Korean songs

Lambada: Kaoma

La Paloma: Andre Rieu and his symphony orchestra: Mexico Performance: Spanish composer Sebastien Yradier: La Paloma means  'pigeon'. Especially loved in Mexico, then gradually spread to the world.

Lead Me On: Cho Yong Pil: The original song is included in Bobby Blue Bland's 1961 album  'Two Steps from the Blues', known as the emperor of the blues.

Let's Twist Again: Jonna Jinton dancing to Chubby Checker's song, with her dog enjoying her performance

L'Eclisse Twist: Instrumental: Composed by Giovanni Fusco: The theme of the movie 'L'Eclisse'

L'Eclisse Twist: Mina

L'Eclisse Twist: Russian girl group Max Lux: Alecia, Lana, Olga: Original Song by Mina

My Male Curiosity: Kid Creole and the Coconuts: Part of this video appears in the movie 'Against All Odds'.



夢中人 (Dream Lovers): 王菲 (Wong Faye): The Hong Kong movie 重慶森林(Chungking Express) OST: Female protagonist Wong herself sang this song: Original song 'Dreams' by Irish rock band, The Cranberries

Besame Mucho: Rumba in tune with Andrea Bocelli's song

Bolero: Ravel (composition) Andre Rieu (conductor)

빠빠빠 Bar Bar Bar: Song and Dance by Crayon Pop, Korean Girl Group

奔向未来日子 Running Toward The Future: 張國榮(Leslie Cheung): 英雄本色 II(English Title: A Better Tomorrow II) theme song

Broken Promises: Sil Austin playing saxophone

Sad Movies: Sue Thompson

Summer Night: Line Dance: Song Jessica Jay: Choreography Ir Torre: Dance YeJu-Line Dance

Sino Me Moro: Alida Chelli: Italian movie 'Un Maledetto Imbroglio' theme song

Sway Mambo: Line Dance: Song Pussycat Dolls: Choreography JungHye Yoon: Danced by WITHUS Korea-YoonJung Lee

아모르파티 Amor Fati: Kim Yeon Ja Vietnam Performance on an outdoor stage: How the Vietnamese would cheer like this!

I'm Your Man: Leonard Cohen

After Dark: In the movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn': American rock band Tito & Tarantula

안개 Mist: Chung Hoon Hee: The conductor in the latter part of the video is Lee Bong Jo, composer of the song.


夜來香: 鄧麗君 (Teresa Teng): Taiwanese singer: Even 20+ years after her death, there has been no change in people's love for her songs, particularly in Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Recently in Korea, her songs 月亮代表我的心 and 甛蜜蜜 are more often on the air.

愛人 Lover: 鄧麗君: I wanna live in your heart like this. 

어이 Uh-ee: Crayon Pop

오빠 아직 살아있다 Oppa is still alive: Nam Jin

O Fortuna from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana: Conducted by Andre Rieu

One Way Ticket: Eruption: British Disco Band

Welcome to My World: The Anita Kerr Singers

When We Disco: Park Jin Young (Duet with Sun Mi)

You Never Can Tell: Dance scene in 'Pulp Fiction': Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing in tune with Chuck Berry's song

24시 24 Hours: Bae Ah Hyeon: I wanna be with you 24 hours a day.

잊혀진 여인 Forgotten Woman: Kim Tae Jung

잘있거라 부산항 Goodbye Busan Port: Baek Ya Seong: A sailor's song who made love with a girl in the port city of Busan. This song was also sung passionately by many young Korean soldiers on board a ship to the Vietnamese war place in the 1960's.

정주고 내가 우네 I am crying with broken heart: Kim Hoon and Trippers

찔레꽃 Wild Rose: Line Dance: Sung by LPG: Choreography by Tina Chen Sue-Huei: Danced by YeJu-Linedance

追追追: 羅小白(S.white) Drum Performance: Singer 黃妃: I am wondering why I, a girl with such a strong pride, am running after him.

테스형 Tes Hyung: Na Hoon Ah: Brother Socrates, tell me why on earth the world is going on like this: At the age of 74, he has made another great hit with this song written and sung by himself.

Tout L'amour (Passion Flowers): Caterina Valente

Para Para Ti: Line dance: Music by DJ Kimko & DJ Sanny J feat. Neon, Adrian Rivas: Chor by Jun Andrizal & Ely Chaniago: Danced by WITHUS Korea-YoonJung Lee

Havana: Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug

Havana: Audio: Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug

  Hush:'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' OST: Deep Purple
White Christmas: Pat Boone

Highway Star: Deep Purple: Drum cover by Sina


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